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Alesia Clark

Alesia Clark

MS, PT, CMC, Gerontologist / Aging Life Care Manager

Alesia is committed to guiding you through the challenges of growing older or caring for an aging loved one. She implements the most beneficial solutions for you or your aging relative, while honoring your agreed-upon values, preferences, and goals. As a member of your aging well team, she consistently helps to alleviate the concerns and stress associated with age-related changes or caregiving. She enjoys working closely with older adults and their families, always providing encouragement, resources, and support. Her attention to detail, careful assessments, and unwavering commitment combine to create the resource and advocate you want by your side.

Helena Kaar

Helena Kaar

BSN / Aging Life Care Manager

Helena brings caring to a new level with her dedication to the overall health of each client. With 40 years of experience as a registered nurse, from pediatric to geriatric care, she brings a wealth of medical knowledge to our team. She has worked as a visiting home care nurse, case manager, a night manager at a senior care facility, and has over 10 years of experience as a memory care professional. Her kind and calm nature puts every client at ease, as she navigates their medical and emotional needs. She’s the sunshine in everyone’s day. Helena’s intuition and ability to assess the details of every situation make her a rockstar on our team.

Kendall Lipps

Kendall Lipps

BS / Engagement Concierge/Intern

Kendall is an aspiring Aging Life Care Manager who is passionate about working with older adults. She is currently in the process of completing a Master of Science in Gerontology degree from the University of Southern California. Her experience ranges from healthcare to activity planning. She has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Assisted Living, an ambulatory surgery Patient Care Technician, and a Memory Care Life Enrichment Assistant. Through these different jobs, she has learned the importance of building relationships with clients, their families, and other professionals to ensure a high quality of care is met. Kendall loves getting to know new people and is dedicated to the health, wellbeing, and dignity of older adults.
Kerri Abrams

Kerri Abrams

BA / Associate Care Manager

After several rewarding years as a compassionate volunteer advocate for a centenarian member of her community, Kerri decided to pursue a Master’s in the Management of Aging Services from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her attention to detail and her empathetic communication skills come from her 25 years of experience in the world of publishing. Kerri is able to pair those skills with her knowledge of the aging process, policies and standards of care in order to better understand client’s needs. Very much a people person, Kerri is passionate about fitness and preventative health and helping to educate others on how to age with a positive outlook.

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